How to set timezone from php.ini file?

You should discover the timezone if you are finding that the time showing incorrectly in the script, server and in the application then you should reset your timezone to resolve the issues related time on the server. Traditionally timezone sets in the php.ini file but here I am going to describe to set up timezone

Meta Tags – Its use for SEO

What is a meta tag- Meta tags is an element which is used basically in HTML (Hyper Text MarkupLanguagee)  coding documentation, it provides structural metadata of the website. It will describe and represent the basic keyword and web content at the time of searching matter and topic related to your website or web page.  Meta

What is the basic difference between Linux hosting and windows hosting?

Linux hosting is a most popular type of website hosting platform which is prefers shared hosting and VPS technology. Linux hosting is the most popular hosting as compare to windows hosting, you will get here unexpected complicity, scalability with attractive functionality. Windows hosting is an also a type of website hosting platform but totally different

The best themes in WordPress

I am going to describe to you some of the best WordPress themes that you can use in your website or nest page, You will get these themes free of cost on the WordPress site. You will see here some specific themes which you can use buy area of the respective field like MLM (Multi-level

Which is the best WordPress MLM plugins

From the WordPress site, you can get more than 17 MLM (Multi-Level Plugins) plugins, It’s a free software which is designed and used by the international or national marketing sector. After enabling plugins inside of your website, it will allow running affiliated networking with the e-marketing field. You can grow your business with instant with

How can I delete emails automatically in cPanel account

cPanel allows the feature to manage email accounts, create email accounts and delete email account within some simple steps. To performing this task will not require any technical and coding knowledge. you can delete emails from your cPanel account atomically if you want to do so, you have to consider these following steps which I

How do you host a website on cPanel

It is of the best question, I would like to show you how you can host your website in cPanel within few minutes. You need to consider the following steps, which I am going to describe below in answer- Stage 1- Before discussing cPanel we have to clarify where and how we will get cPanel

How do I get unique visitors to my website per day

You can get unlimited traffic on your website with unique visitors, You should use some best terminology that helps you to increase the traffic on the website that belongs to that particular area/ field. However, you should apply these part to your websites like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and CMS (Content Management System) etc. The

Who can register .gov as domain

In a simple way, I would like to say directly no, you can’t register the domain name like .nic & .gov because it is only for governmental use, the citizen is not allowed to register these type of domain. Instead of these, you can choose any other domain among of 250+ domain extension. These domains

What are the best digital WordPress themes

Digital WordPress themes are referred to the newly impressive collection of the best digital agency that reevaluates in WordPress background that makes feel better. It also customizes your website control and help to run it smoothly on the server, with the help of these themes you can make any type of changes within a click,

Static V dynamic website design

A website is a collection of the pages that may contain text, images audio, video etc. Which is designed for completing and performing any type of particular task. It is running over the network or server and transforming the data from one destination to another pace. The static type of website is a basic type

What’s the cheapest way to buy a domain

We perform analyses and survey to know the opinion of the client or marketing good-will this blog also describes according to customer feedback. Maybe it will change after some of the time of periods, let’s me answer first- I would like to suggest you RedServerHost, you can buy domain here at the cheapest cost with