What are nulled WordPress themes/plugins? Can we use them?

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Here in this article i will describe you what actually is Nulled wordpress themes/plugins. Is it safe to use or not?

What are Nulled WordPress themes/plugins? [Important]

The themes basically determines the appearance of your website. And obviously, every website owner wants to have an attractive theme for efficient marketing of the services. So in order to make their website attractive the owner of the website goes in search for the best theme available on the internet. This is the time when hackers do their job. Hackers crack premium themes and provide them for free in an illegal manner. These themes are actually the pirated copies of an original premium theme, that are hacked and sold illegally on the internet at a lower price or for free. This themes are called Nulled themes. Hackers commonly add malicious code to free versions of paid plugins or themes so that they could easily get a chance to hack your website.

What are nulled wordpress themes/plugins? Is it safe to use?
What are nulled wordpress themes/plugins? Is it safe to use?

Can we use Nulled themes/plugins in WordPress? [updated May 2019]

Ofcourse not,The use of nulled themes/plugins can also lead to website hacking.

The site owners make the mistake of installing such themes especially when they start a new blog or don’t want to invest much in the site. The malicious code injected inside the theme can allow hackers to steal the private information of your users, which may include contacts, username, passwords, email addresses, etc.

Therefore, you have to avoid the use of nulled WordPress themes/plugins which are very risky for the security and privacy of your website.

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