What are the best plugins for SEO in WordPress website?

I would like you to describe some of the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugins, that you can use to make lots of traffic on your website. Is a plugin (Tools) which are designed for WordPress. In this blog, I am going to describe the 5 most SEO helpful plugins that you can use to improve the search engine mechanism at the time of the campaign. It allows you to add SEO title, description, meta, and meta keywords to the page of your WordPress site.


It is a quite popular plugin since it came to market and most downloaded SEO plugins to the user. You can set here your custom title meta tag, description, permalink, etc. It also adds Open Graph metadata, Twitter Cards, Sitemaps, and ping search engines whenever you update your site.

Google keyboard planner

Did you know that you can get an idea for your keyboard itself from using Google Keyword Planner? This tool is offered by Google free of cost anyone can use them and access them from Google. If you are doing work as a content marketer then you should use these incredible SEO plugins.


it is one of the best Google tools for observing your customer’s requirement and related meta word, It is a way of gathering suggestion information to the google autosuggest feature. This keyword Tool is amazingly fast, and most importantly it is completely free for anyone to use. You can use it to optimize the content on your WordPress site.

Open site explorer

This is also an impressive tool that allows you to check data for any domain on the server, you will see there who’s linking to that domain and what kind of user linked to your domain. You will get free with a daily search engine limit for each person. You can find it on the Internet.

Broken link checker

It will make a positive experience in the market regards your website and activity. A broken link is a free plugin that will allow you to find a broken link in your WordPress site.

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