What is FFMPEG Hosting? How to check whether FFMPEG is enabled in my server or not?

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What is FFMPEG Hosting? [Important| Latest 2019 Blog]

FFmpeg hosting is a web hosting designed for Audio and video conversion module. FFmpeg is a free and open-source collection of tools and libraries that allows users to record, convert, and stream video and audio in different types of formats. These tools are extremely useful in optimizing files for online sharing and streaming. 

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How to check whether FFMPEG is enabled in my server or not? [Updated May 2019]

Write this simple code in any .php file and test it


$ffmpeg = trim(shell_exec(‘which ffmpeg’)); // or better yet:
$ffmpeg = trim(shell_exec(‘type -P ffmpeg’));

if (empty($ffmpeg))
die(‘ffmpeg not available’);

shell_exec($ffmpeg . ‘ -i …’);?>

If it returns ‘FFmpeg not available‘ then it is not enabled in your server.

Just for testing purposes i have created a test.php file and inserted these code

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Now I am going to test it!!!

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So you see it’s returning ‘FFmpeg not available’ which means FFmpeg is not enabled in my server.

Hope this answer helped you.. for more queries and suggestions feel free to write or you can also comment below.

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