What is White-Labeling/Re-Branding in Web Hosting Business?

What is White Labeling/Re-Branding?

In simple words, While-Labeling refers to the re-branding of products. When a company provides goods or services under the white label, it can be re-branded and sold by any other company with its own name.

White Labeling In Web Hosting Business
White Labeling In Web Hosting Business

This method is usually used by the manufacturers to attract users to business with them. Similarly, it is used in Web Hosting also in the name of Reseller Hosting. 

In the Reseller hosting, a user can re-brand and sell someone else’s products with his own branding. For example, I can sell all the Web Hosting products & goods with my own name using the White Label Reseller Hosting.

Reseller Hosting Custom Branding
Reseller Hosting Custom Branding

As you can see in the above image, I’ve changed the cPanel logo with the custom logo that represents my company. Now, I can offer Web Hosting services under my own name.

Benefits Of White Labeling

White labeling in Web Hosting is versatile. Anyone can use white labeling and start their own business as a Web Hosting Provider. Other than this, in managed reseller hosting, mostly all the technical tasks such as server management, domain management, uptime, technical requirements, and management will be managed by the parent provider so that you don’t have to worry about the Technical Bugs.

White Label or Reseller Hosting could be a great option and opportunity if you’re a Web Developer, have a Development agency, or even if you only want to start a new business. You can host your client’s websites on your server, and provide a separate cPanel for every client.

Other than this, you’ll be having some extra offerings that will surely expand your business revenue.

Other Benefits of White Labeling

  • Expand Your Offerings

You’ll be likely to attract more customers once you’ll start offering hosting packages. Customers are more likely to purchase from a provider where they can get all the services in one place. So, if you’re a Web Developer or an agency, it’s a great idea to start offering white-labeled hosting solutions.

  • Make your Customers Stuck With You

As a Web Developer, you might assume that most of the customers don’t even remember once the work is done. But, by offering Web Hosting to them, you can make your customers stick with you for a long-time which will definitely increase the retention.

Other than this, you can offer some kind of combo packs to your customers like if they purchase hosting from you then you’ll not only assist them in the Hosting related issue but also with the Website related issues.

  • Better Than Owning a Server

Other than White Labeled hostings, if you want to start selling Web Hostings then you’ll have to purchase the entire server such as Dedicated Server or VPS Serverbut with reseller hosting you don’t have to spend a lot of money on buying an entire server. Instead, you can simply go with the White-labeling and start offering web hosting goods.

What You’ll Get In White Label Hosting?

It depends on which parent provider you’re going to choose. Almost every white label hosting provider has similar features, but if you’re looking for a Web Hosting that offers almost every premium feature at a reliable price, you can purchase it from Redserverhost. I’m mentioning the list of key features redserverhost offers in their White Label Hosting Packages.

White Label Hosting Plans
White Label Hosting Plans

You’ll also get several other benefits in Redserverhost. Let me describe some of them.

Billing Integration

Most reseller hosting provider includes billing integration software that helps manage all the billing solutions, reminders, and payments. With the help of the WHM billing integration software, you can automate some crucial tasks which take a lot of manpower and effort.

Easy Scalability

Well, you can easily scale or upgrade your plan in reseller hosting. For example, you can easily upgrade the current plan with the higher configured plan once you’ve sufficient customers.

Custom/Private Nameservers

Reseller hosting lets you create custom name servers on your own name. For example, you can easily create your private nameservers like ns1.yourdomain.extension and hide the parent nameservers.

User-Friendly cPanel Interface

With the user-friendly GUI interface control panel, you can perform crucial tasks easily with the easy-to-use cPanel interface. The cPanel is a must for every hosting. Anyone can use cPanel without any professional knowledge. Without the cPanel interface, you’ll have to do all the crucial and small stuff from the Linux command that can consume more time, and also it requires good Technical and Linux knowledge.

I hope now you have a clear-cut knowledge of White Labeling in Web Hosting. You can also start your carrier as a Web Hosting Provider at the cheapest cost over the Internet. We’re one of the Cheapest White Label Hosting Providers across the Internet.

Moreover, for any further inquiries or suggestions, you can contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

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