When do we need to buy cPanel License? [EXPLAINED]

When do we need to buy a cPanel License? [EXPLAINED]

If you’re maintaining your own web servers at your own location, you do need to cPanel License. But If all you’re doing is managing a website, it’s easier and cheaper for you to buy a shared hosting plan. The web host will have licensed cPanel, if that’s what they use, and will automatically make it available to you so you can manage your site.


Hence if you are using your web server and have access to WHM Root then only you need to buy cPanel License. Shared Hosting users have nothing to do with cPanel License. Only an Administrator having Full Root access needs to buy cPanel License and that too only one time.

Why You Need a cPanel/WHM License? IMPORTANT|LATEST UPDATE 2019

A cPanel WHM system manages every aspect of your web hosting and building needs. The WHM is the control panel for the administering server, allowing web builders to create and manage cPanels, as well as set certain guidelines that apply to all accounts created through cPanel or the server. Given the capabilities that a WHM/cPanel allows users to have, their freedom includes being able to make executive decisions to customize their websites to their liking. A successful business starts with an interactive, fast, and efficient website for their existing and future clients. The two systems combine, and cPanel enables access to control and monitor the website naturally, while the WHM interface allows you to control and monitor your server from an easy to use web interface.

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