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Favicon and its use.

A favicon is a short form for the favorite icon, it’s used as a shortcut icon of the website, browser icon of the website, URL logo, tab log, etc. It is a file containing one or more than one for the web pages. Favicon is used or set up by the developer as per client

How can you create a form in WordPress?

You are maybe developer or customer, you build a website and its designed well as you want to build. You add here plugins in the website, using a particle background in your WordPress website. You did everything as you want according to your planning/ designing. Now, you want to gather a information from your visitors like

Shared Hosting vs. VPS hosting

Today we will be discussing shared hosting Vs. VPS hosting will be good for you. First, you should know what is shared hosting:- Shared hosting is a type of web hosting that is good for small businesses and static websites, it is less costly and supports all those features which will require for a website.

How to move files from one host to another host in cpanel? UPDATED – 2022

It’s quite important for everyone to know “How to move/transfer files or data from one host to another host in cPanel” because sometimes, we do silly mistakes like deleting the important files from cPanel or mistakenly deleting some important databases from MySQL or PhpMyAdmin. In this case, if you’ve taken a backup of your files and