How to manually Install Joomla in cPanel?

Joomla is a free and an open-source content management system that allows user to manage website content, discussion forums etc. We have shared multiple articles related to Joomla & its features to manage website presentation.

Today, in this tutorial, we will go through in detailed procedure to manually install Joomla in cPanel. Check out the video tutorial on the same. Follow the below given steps for the installation.

  • Go to official website of Joomla at
  • From here, download the latest version by clicking over Download Joomla!

    Download zip file of Joomla
  • It will be downloaded in zip file in your local PC. Save File & proceed.
  • Now, login to cPanel associated with your website where you want to install Joomla.
  • Go to File Manager section and then go inside domain directory. (If you want to install it on your main domain then simply install Joomla inside public_html)

    Feature List Page
    Select File Manger
  • On the next page, upload the downloaded file in the directory as per your choice. (You can create a new folder if you want)

    Upload .zip file of joomla
  • You will be directed on the next page. Click over Select File and select file from your local PC and upload.

    Upload zip file of Joomla
  • Go back to File Manager & Reload the page. You will find zip file of Joomla. Now, right click over the file and Extract.

    Extract Zip File
  • All the files and directories of Joomla installation will appear.
  • Now, go back to cPanel feature list page and select MySQL Database inside DATABASE section.

    MySQL Feature in cPanel
    MySQL Feature in cPanel
  • On the next page, create a database and a database user. Then add user to database. You may refer to the article to create database, database user & add user to database.
  •  Follow the steps as directed in below images to do create database and its user.
    Create Database for WordPress
    Create Database

    Create user and add it to database
    Create User and Add User to Database
  • Now, hit the Joomla installation file from the browser.
  • Enter the credentials as directed to successfully install Joomla.
  1. Select Installation Language: Select the language from the drop down button.
  2. Setup Site Name: Enter the Site Name which will display on your website. Then click over Setup Login Data.

    Setup Login Data
  3. On the next page, enter Login Data as directed in the below given image.

    Setup Database for Joomla
  4. After entering the details, click over Setup Database Connection.
  5. Now, you will be directed to set up Database Configuration. Enter the credentials that you’ve used to create MySQL database in cPanel. Refer to below given images.
    Database Details

    Complete Database Details
  6. After entering the required credentials, click over Install Joomla.

Now, you will be directed to the next page with the message of confirmation. From here, you can click over Open Site to open your Joomla website and Open Administrator to login to Joomla Dashboard.

Open Joomla site & dashboard

That’s It !

Hope the article better describes the procedure to manually install Joomla in cPanel. Do share it with your colleagues if you find it working. Also share your suggestions and drop your queries to start the discussion on the related topic. Lets connect on social media with the below links.

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