How to remove tawk to online chat system from manually built website?

How to remove tawk to online chat system from manually built website? [STEP BY STEP]☑️

In this documentation, you will learn how to remove online chat system from manually built website. Let me tell you guys that removing from a manually built website isn’t too hard. You just need to remove chat system code from each and every page of your website manually. First, you need to find all related codes in your website pages and remove them one by one.Remove From Manually Built Website

To remove tawk to online chat system from manually built website, perform the steps given below:

Step::1 Login to cPanel and click on File Manager

Step::2 Go inside public_html and create a PHP file. Here we have named it as “remove.php”

Step::3 Once created, right-click on the “remove.php” file and choose the Edit option

Step::4 Copy the code from the link given below

Step::5 Add this code to the PHP file created. (Make sure while adding the code replace the username from your actual username)

Step::6 Save the file and close the editor

Step::7 Now open this file from a new window i.e visit

Step::8 This will show you the list of all the pages along with the path which contains codes

Step::9 Go to the respective path one by one and find the code by pressing ctrl+f

Step::10 Remove the code from every path.

Congratulations!! You have successfully removed tawk from a manually built website.

Thanks for reading this article !!! We hope this was helpful to you all.

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