To upgrade/downgrade your cPanel account

Here with the help of these set up you can upgrade/downgrade your cPanel packages, for example, you a created package and you gave facility to host  1 website after some time you want to offer hosts 5 websites then you need to upgrade your package. Step 1. Log into WHM account Step 2. Under the

What is the Skeleton directory in WHM?

The skeleton directory is a one of the main element function in WHM panel, now I am going to explain something more about it. Skeleton directory is that place where reseller hosting is created the index page of all websites. It means reseller hosting put here the home page of all accounts/website. Where you can

How can I change account password in WHM?

This is one of the best features of WHM that allow modifying your account, if you want to modify your account password then you should follow my instructions. Step 1. Log into WHM account Step 2. You have to click here account functions icon which is located on the screen Step 3. You will see

How to modify an account in WHM?

WHM (Web Host Manager) is provided to the facility to modify existing account there you can change information as per your requirement and need:- Step 1. Log into WHM account Step 2. Click on the link Modify an account under the account function section Step 3.  Here you have to select the name of the

How do change WHM password?

You can change your WHM password within a minute you have to follow these step:- Step 1. log into WHM account Step 2. You have to click on the icon Server Configuration menu which will be located on the home screen Step 3.  You have to click on the link Change Root Password which will

How To Park A Domain Name In WHM?

Here  your customer can park domain names themselves via WHM account Step 1. Log into WHM account Step 2. You have to click here  DNS functions icon Step 3. Here you will see option park a domain  sub-icon Step 4. Make sure your primary domain and click  on it Step 5. Simply enter the new

How to create package in WHM account?

Here means of the creating package is allow you to specify several setting regarding your hosting plan for your end of customers. Like Addon domain, storage, security, database domain parking etc. Step  1. Log into WHM account Step 2. Now here in the Packages customer, you have to click on the Add a Package option

How to add a redirect in cPanel?

Step 1. Log into cPanel account Step 2. Click on the Redirects link which will locate under the Domains sections Step 3. Select Redirection type under the  Add redirect Step 4. Select the  name of the domain and then type the web page that you want to redirect Step 5. Type the destination web page

Creating MySQL database in cPanel account

You can easily create database in your cPanel account by following the below mentioned steps. Step 1. Login cPanel account Step 2.  Under the Database section, click on the link MySQL Database Wizard. Step 3. Now enter the Name of the database that you wish to create  click on next step button for further steps

How to Create Custom Error Pages in cPanel ?

Creating a  custom error page in cPanel Step 1. Log into cPanel account Step 2. Under the advanced section, you have to click the “error page”  link Step 3. Select your domain name from here (If you have multiple domains in cPanel) Step 4.  Here you will see some major  common error code click that you

Create a subdomain in cPanel

Step 1. Log Into cPanel account Step 2. You have to go domain section and click on the link Subdomain Step 3. Here you have to type the name of the subdomain and select the domain to create under. The default path to creating subdomain folder under public_html folder. Step 4.  Finally, click on the

Add an Addon domain from cPanel?

Step 1. Log into your cPanel account Step 2.  Under the domain section you have to click on Addon domain link Step 3.  Now you will see the new window you have to fill all information regarding Addon Domain Step 4. After completing the details you just have to click on Add Domain button Finally,

How to Create FTP Accounts?

Step 1. Log into cPanel account Step 2. Click on the option FTP account under the files section. Step 3.  Here you will see a new window with some text field and you should fill al information carefully Step 4. Select a directory and  Create A New FTP Account and then make a strong password