What are the features of WHM?

WHM (Web Hosting Management) provides administrative control over a VPS (Virtual Private server-server).  It allows to hosting provider manage the user email account.

Features of WHM:-

User account Here you can create and manage user account according to different user tiers and here client also manage the site.

Server monitoring In this section you can monitor some basic features regarding website like View resources utilization, Diagnose log file issues, configure automation, secure server from cyber attack.

Transfer information between two installed server and your file will secure always.

Backup it is a WHM most important features you can make backup your uploaded file and folders.

Branding Here we will see how to brand your own WHM for your Cpanel users, this process allow to brand cPanel with your company. logo, color. Here you will see many options when it is come to branding your cPanel account

Ads On In the Ads On features more than  500 applications and plugins available, you can make attractive your website with the help of Plugins and application.

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