What are the features into cPanel?

As we already have described in the last blog that what is a cPanel and what is the scope of cPanel, now we are going to discuss what are the features of cPanel.

Mail:- You can create here email accounts, forwarders as well as use requirement. This is also known as a user level filtering and here you can also set email authentication.

Domain:- You can set  here subdomain, addon, domain parking  and you can setup your DNS(Data Name Server)

Files:-  You can edit and backup your files at the time of monitoring website.

DataBase:– You can store here a large amount of data using MySQL database on the server.

Logs:- With the help of logs you can know your audience and track your website performance.

Security:- It is a section of authentication and configure your id and password and protect your data on the server.

Apps Glore:- Take here advantage of third-party software for blog. Apps Glore means to install programs like WordPress under the softaculous.

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