CWP vs cPanel | Why Control Web Panel?

CWP vs cPanel
CWP vs cPanel

The main reason to convert from cPanel to Control Web Panel could be the price of it. Control Web Panel has a completely free version and is easy to integrate on Linux servers. It’s an AI Powered Web Hosting Control Panel designed to easily manage the servers with a user-friendly interface. However, there are some limitations in the free version of the Control Web Panel, but if you want to experience a powerful & effective Web Hosting Control Panel for free, Control Web Panel could be your first choice.

What is Control Web Panel?

If you’re searching for the Control Web Panel, you might be aware of cPanel. So, the Control Web Panel is similar to cPanel. It is a Web Hosting Control Panel that can be integrated/installed into your Web Servers to reduce the complexity of performing simple tasks, and that’s exactly what cPanel and almost every other control panels do. However, there are some obvious changes in every control panel, and that’s what makes every control panel unique.

CWP vs cPanel

The Control Web Panel (CWP) is offering a completely free package whereas cPanel is completely paid. It’s the biggest advantage of using CWP Hosting that no need to pay anything. But, for cPanel, the case is totally different. They’re charging a handsome amount for their user-friendly control panel interface.

Here, we’re gonna talk about some of the features that cPanel and Control Web Panel (CWP) provide.

CWP Features

Well, CWP has different features for free and paid users. You can use CWP free version but there will be so many restrictions as it’s a free version obviously. However, you can anytime upgrade your plan with the paid version to get full control over your server.

CWP Free Version Features

The Control Web Panel has a free option that is quite rare these days for any control panel provider. Not only that, CWP offers a great variety of services that a user can use freely without paying a single penny.
CWP could be the best option for all the small business owners or beginners to learn about Web Hosting & Website. Below, we’re describing some of the features that CWP provides for free.

  1. Users can freely create up to 10 Control Web Panel (CWP) accounts which is enough for a beginner.
  2. No need to pay anything for DNS configuration. You’ll be able to perform all the DNS Related tasks in the free version as you could do in the paid version.
  3. You can easily create files and edit websites using the CWP file manager or terminal.
  4. It’ll support all the famous and most used databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB for an individual or connecting with other apps.
  5. It’s a fully secured web hosting control panel that is hard to crack. Your website and its data will be secured with Control Web Panel.

There are several other benefits of using CWP as your Web Hosting control panel. However, the interface might confuse you as most of us are addicted to using cPanel’s simple interface, whereas the CWP has come up with a unique user-friendly interface that could be confusing for many users.

Additionally, Control Web Panel only offers 10 free accounts, you’ll have to upgrade your account with the pro version in order to create unlimited accounts.​ 

Also, a vice man had already said that “If you’re getting something for free, you are the product“.

So, in order to prevent any data breaches or any other complexity, I & most of the web hosting providers will recommend you to stay with cPanel as there is no one over the Internet to compete with cPanel.

I hope you got my point.

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