How do you host a website on cPanel

It is of the best question, I would like to show you how you can host your website in cPanel within few minutes. You need to consider the following steps, which I am going to describe below in answer-

Stage 1-

Before discussing cPanel we have to clarify where and how we will get cPanel account, after making the website you need to buy a domain and hosting package to any services provided. As my last 3-year experience RedServerHost is a best web hosting provider where you will get web hosting services at the affordable price.

Note:- RedServerHost provides you free cPanel account with Linux hosting plans these services do not provide by everyone.

You can buy a domain and host plan here as per your requirement and which is suitable for you, here you will get Linux hosting plan starting from Rs 345 INR/ Yearly.

If you are not able to choose perfect domain then you should read this post Tips for choosing the perfect domain name

Stage 2-

After buying a domain and hosting plan you will get a link and login credential in the mail, with the help of this email you access cPanel account now.

Next procedure-

  1. Log into cPanel account
  2. Click on the file manager which is located under the file section
  3. You should select here web root like public.html and show hidden file now click ok
  4. Click on the upload and (+) to upload the file that you like
  5. And click on the open button, after uploading to your file you may wish to share your website on the internet. And within 1–2 hours you will see live on your website on the internet.

If you want to know more about anything then you should visit on the site RedServerHost, a reliable and cheapest web hosting provider in India.

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