How to avoid getting blocked in Firewall?

How to avoid getting blocked in Firewall? [Important]

Usually what happens while login to the cPanel/WHM users make forceful attempts to gain access even if they have forgot their login credentials. This allows them to get blocked in Firewall because if you enter invalid login credentials more than 5 times then Firewall blocks you. This is due to the Firewall rule created by the hosting provider for security reason. Firewall treats this kind of activity to be suspicious, thus resulting in blocking. So make sure always enter valid credentials or else if you have forgotten the password then recover the password and then Login to your cPanel/WHM.

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how to avoid getting blocked in Firewall

Your hosting provider can also block your IP in firewall if he finds your website to be unsafe. Keeping malware and malicious contents in your website also offers you to get trapped. So avoid this kind of issues from getting blocked in Firewall.

  • You can solve this by removing all the malicious contents in your website as soon as possible
  • Also try to avoid installing software and plugins which are unauthorized.

Now coming to some measures how you could check your IP actually blocked or not: [updated May 2019]

1. First find your IP in here. Check the A record of your domain and find the IP where it is pointing. From here you will get the IP address. Now check this IP address from cmd. 

Just type ping IP Address for ex. ping and press enter. Now if cmd did not respond to the IP address then it means you are really blocked. You will see an error request timed out in cmd. Check it below:

How to avoid getting blocked in Firewall| cheapest linux hosting provider
How to avoid getting blocked in Firewall

Now if you want to know from where have you been blocked then for this also i have an answer for you-

There are basically two types of blockages:

1. First one is getting blocked from Firewall configuration directly by Root. If you have been blocked directly via Firewall then you cannot access your website over the internet. You will find as it was never there. If you ping your IP Address in cmd it will never respond as shown in the above screenshot.

2. The second one is getting blocked by .htaccess. In this case you will see 403 Forbidden Error everytime you try to run your website.

How to avoid getting blocked in Firewall
How to avoid getting blocked in Firewall

Hope this helps you!!!!