How to Install WordPress on Add-on Domain?

In this tutorial, we will learn about the detailed procedure to install WordPress on Add-on Domain. To know about the Addon Domain, check the blog.

Install WordPress on Addon Domain
Install WordPress on Add-on Domain

To install WordPress on Add-on Domain, you must have one. Check the steps to create Add-on domain in cPanel.

Let us go through the detailed procedure to install WordPress on Add-on Domain.

  • Login to your cPanel account.
  • Go inside Softaculous Apps Installer.
Softaculous Apps Installer
Get Softaculous Apps Installer in cPanel
  • On the next page, select WordPress and then Install Now.
WordPress Installation process
Install WordPress
  • On the next page, enter the required credentials as directed.
Select Addon Domain from the list
Select Addon Domain from the list
  • In Software Setup section,
    1. Choose Protocol: Select the protocol to manage HTTPS redirection.
    2. Choose Domain: Select the add-on domain from the drop down list for which you want to install WordPress.
    3. In directory: Leave this section blank so that WordPress get installed directly on your add-on domain.

*If you leave the in directory section blank then the URL for your WordPress website would be,  But if you enter the directory name, then the URL of your WordPress website would be ,

  • In Site Settings,
    1. Site Name: Enter the name of your site.
    2. Site Description: Enter the description of your site.
    3. Admin Username: Set the admin username that would be use to login to dashboard.
    4. Admin Password: Set strong password to login.
    5. Admin Email: Enter the email where all the updates related to WordPress would be received.
  • Scroll down and Choose Language, Select Plugins, enter database related details in Advanced Options and then Select Theme.
Enter More Details
Select Language and Plugins and then manage Advanced Options
Click over Install
Complete the Installation Process
  •  Click over Install.

You will receive a notification when you successfully install WordPress on your Add-on Domain.

# How to Find the WordPress Installation Directory for Add-on Domain?

The path to login to WordPress website of add-on domain will appear on the confirmation page of WordPress Installation. When we install WordPress on Add-on Domain, then it got installed in the add-on domain directory and its files and directories save inside File Manager in cPanel. Follow the steps to get the WordPress files and directories of add-on domain.

  • Login to cPanel.
  • Go inside File Manager section.
  • List of files will appear. All the files inside public_html is of main domain.
Add-on Domain Directory
Add-on Domain Directory
  • A directory named of your add-on domain would be present. Get into it and you will find your WordPress Installation directory where all WordPress files and folders be present.

*To check the path of your add-on domain directory, get inside Add-on Domain section in cPanel.

List of Add-on Domain
List of Add-on Domain

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