How to solve 404 error(Page not found)?

What is Error 404 ? [Important| Latest 2019]

“Error 404″ is the error which I think everyone using the internet must have faced some time. It is the most common error which happens on a browser. This error only shows you when you are trying to write a URL that exactly doesn’t exist. If you write the wrong URL which the browser is unable to find then only Error 404, Page not found will appear on the screen.

The 404 Error Page Not Found indicates when the webpage (server) you are trying to reach was able to communicate with your Web Browser however, it doesn’t know the type of request your browser sent in.

This error can also be referred to as ‘broken’ or a ‘dead link.’

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How to fix error 404

How to solve Error 404? [Updated May 2019]

There are basically three things you should keep in my mind.

  • Often times the 404 Not Found error appears because the URL was typed wrong or the link that was clicked on points to the wrong URL.
  • If you are working on your website and trying to open a folder from the browser by writing a URL you must keep in mind that you should never write public_html in the URL bar.
  • You have to write the correct source link.
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How to fix error 404

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