Sinpz Web Hosting? Sinpz VS Redserverhost Hosting Review

What is Sinpz Web Hosting?

Redserverhost VS Snipz Web Hosting
Redserverhost VS Sinpz Web Hosting

Sinpz is a Web Hosting company offering a variety of Web Hosting Solutions to their users. The domain was registered in 2010 and providing continuous services since then.

It has a variety of plans including Shared Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and many more. However, the price of their plans could be a part of the discussion.

Sinpz Web Hosting Review

Let’s see what they offer, and why one should go with them.

Note: Sinpz isn’t registered on Google My Business which means probably they might be working as a freelance Web Hosting Provider. I’ll recommend you to check everything before choosing your Web Hosting Provider. A single mistake could lead you to big trouble.

Sinpz Shared Hosting

Basically, they have three plans (BASIC, STANDARD, PROFESSIONAL) in Shared Hosting, and all of them contain unlimited storage and bandwidth which is quite rare.

Sinpz Web Hosting
Sinpz Web Hosting

However, taking decisions too early could lead you to trouble, and you might end up compromising your whole website. To prevent this, follow the complete tutorial before making any decisions.

The lowest Shared Hosting Plan in Sinps is Starting from 1.99$, whereas the professional plan would cost you $4.99.

Snipz Hosting Price
Sinpz Hosting Price

Sinpz Hosting VS Redserverhost Hosting

RedserverhostSinpz Hosting
Monthly PlanPriceMonthly PlanPrice
Shared Hosting₹ 90 /-Shared HostingNot Available
Reseller Hosting₹ 190 /-Reseller HostingNot Available
Dedicated Server₹ 3500 /-Dedicated Server₹ 4799 /-
VPS Hosting₹ 970 /-VPS Hosting₹ 1000 /-

As you can see, no matter which hosting package you choose on Redserverhost hosting, you’ll have almost double of profit in comparison with Sinpz Hosting.

Other than the prices, Redserverhost also dominates the Sinpz hosting when it comes to specifications. Let’s have a look at key specifications provided by both hosting providers.

RedserverhostSinpz Hosting
PlanDisk SpacePlanDisk Space
Shared Hosting1 GBShared Hosting5 GB
Reseller HostingUnlimitedReseller HostingUnlimited
Dedicated Server500 GBDedicated Server500 GB
VPS Hosting300 GBVPS Hosting50 GB

As you can see, Redserverhost offers more reliable services in comparison with Sinpz also at an affordable price. It doesn’t matter whether you want more RAM or more Disk Space, Redserverhost should be your first choice for Reseller & Dedicated hosting.

Apart from the above comparison, redserverhost provides several more benefits to its users. Here are some of the major benefits of using Redserverhost hosting.

Redserverhost Benefits

Monthly Plans

Redservehost provides a monthly package for all the users. They never force users to purchase a yearly or 3 yearly plan with penny discounts. Instead, they want to make a healthy relationship with users by offering the cheapest monthly plans across the World.

Zero Hidden Charges

Redserverhost does not charge for anything that other providers offer free. For example, in GoDaddy hosting, you’ll have to purchase SSL Certificates separately that are fully free in Redserverhost. Whether it’s your main domain, subdomain, or addon domain, Redserverhost offers free SSL Certificates for all the users. Additionally, they charge only for the necessary tasks, and that’s why they’ve managed to provide cost-effective hosting plans.

One-Click Installer

You might have heard about the Softaculous Apps Installer before. It’s one of the most popular tools that provide One-Click Installation for numerous cPanel software such as WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, Joomla Etc.

It will reduce the time and manpower you would need to install any app manually in your cPanel or WHM. With Redserverhost, Softaculous becomes more effective as we’ve directly connected with the OVH Data Center which is one of the top data centers in the World.

Free SSL for All

One of the major benefits of using Redserverhost is getting Free SSL for all your domains, Subdomains, Addon Domains, or Even parked domains. We never charge a single penny for SSL. If you’re looking to start your business as a Web Hosting Provider, you can purchase Reseller Hosting, and offer Free SSL to attract more customers.

Ultimate Website Security

Redserverhost offers upgraded security software (Imunify360) which protects your website from getting compromised. They have upgraded the Imunify360 Security that immediately blocks every malicious activity coming toward your website.

These were some of the major benefits of using Redserverhost hosting in comparison with Sinpz hosting. I hope this tutorial helps you determine the major difference between Sinps Hosting & Redserverhost Hosting. For any further queries or suggestions, contact us on Facebook or TwitterOther than this, you can also hit the comment section to register your query. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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