What is a maximum traffic hosting can handle?

It is one of the best questions I would like to reveal to you what exactly you want to know about traffic and capabilities of hosting server. In this answer, I am going to explain you types of hosting terminology and hosting capability of the server. Their three types of web hosting exist mainly-
1. Shared hosting:- Shared hosting is a type of web hosting where you will get sever to shared with another client, here you can’t access your own personal server. In shared hosting generally 250- 280 visitors allowed to visit at a day and shared host is also capable to handle only these users or customers.

2. VPS hosting:- VPS hosting is another and one of the reliable hosting service where you will get your own separate server with unique IP’s. It is a bit costly then serve but its full secure and reliable hosting service. VPS is capable to handle per day approximately 1000–1100 users/ visitors per day. It is best for a medium size of business where you provide services for thousands of clients.

3. Dedicated hosting:- dedicated is a heavy quality of server site hosting where you will allow to visit approximately 500000+ visitors to visit at a day.  It is best for e-commerce or large business like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

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