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How to Backup your WordPress site to Google drive via WP Plugin?

WordPress has various features that allow its users to manage WordPress website efficiently. We have shred multiple articles related to WordPress and its features. In this tutorial, we will go through in detail procedure to backup WordPress website to Google drive via WP Plugin. Login to WordPress dashboard. Scroll down to Plugins section and Add

How to Delete Multiple Files in Linux?

We have shared various articles that illustrate SSH commands and their functions. Today, in this tutorial we will explain the procedure to delete multiple files in Linux. In this article, we will go through the following. Command to delete multiple files Command to delete multiple files accessed before Command to delete multiple files with same

How to Change File Permissions Recursively in Linux?

SSH commands allows user to manage files and directories easily. We have shared multiple articles on related topics. Today, we’re going to discuss in-detail procedure to change file permissions recursively in Linux. In this tutorial we will discuss the following. Change File Permissions Recursively from SSH Terminal Change File Permissions Recursively via PHP file in