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How to Create & Setup Cloudflare On Websites – A Complete Guide

Website security has a vital role in your website’s overall health. Where you can protect your website and its data by some other methods but, they won’t protect your website from external attacks. Happily, website security can be hardened with CloudFlare Security Support. In this article, we’ll walk you through a Complete Guide to Create &

How to stop search engines from crawling and listing your website?

How to stop Search Engines from crawling and listing your website? [Important| Revised 2019] Follow this simple process to stop all Search engines from crawling and listing your website [Updated June 2019] step::1 Create a Robots.txt file inside public_html of your cPanel step::2 Edit this rule inside robots.txt file step::3 You can disallow all search

How to disallow a particular directory from being crawled by google?

Hello Friends!!! How to disallow a particular directory from being crawled by google? [Important| Updated May 2019] Use this simple code to disallow a particular directory from being crawled by Google [Latest 2019] Login to your cPanel Go inside File Manager Click on public_html Create a robots.txt file Use this code: User-agent: Googlebot Disallow: /protected-directory/ This code

How do I get unique visitors to my website per day

You can get unlimited traffic on your website with unique visitors, You should use some best terminology that helps you to increase the traffic on the website that belongs to that particular area/ field. However, you should apply these parts to your websites like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) CMS (Content Management System), etc. Online advertisement is

What are the best digital WordPress themes

Digital WordPress themes are referred to as the newly impressive collection of the best digital agency that reevaluates in WordPress background that makes feel better. It also customizes your website control and help to run it smoothly on the server, with the help of these themes you can make any type of changes within a

What is Google AdWords?

It is a pay-per-click advertising program that is started by Google, with the AdWords advertiser can promote their business online.  Here the quality ads text and relevant keyword purchase will give you a competitive edge over your competitors.  You can start this for the limited duration of time as per your budget allows you. Basically,